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        More and more often I’ve been noticing a tendency for guys to become really comfortable in a regular routine. That’s normal, that’s okay. Nothing too strange there, but for those of us who want to improve with women the ability to be adaptable, spontaneous, and lead an exciting lifestyle can be some of the greatest changes we can make!

“Be willing to lose good in pursuit of better!” –Colin Wright

        Think about this; are you the type of person who goes home early from a night out? Do you prefer to stay in instead of getting out of the house? Are you nervous talking to women? Do you play a lot of video games instead of participating in outdoor sports or new activities? Are you unhappy with your success with women?

        If you said yes to any of those questions I understand. You could be too comfortable! I’ve been there, and I would like to impart a small day-to-day change I implemented that had a huge impact on my life!

“Having passions and hobbies in life is really attractive to women and is great for your confidence, self worth and overall happiness.”-Trajan

        I realized that when my friends or family asked me to go for a night out on the town or engage in a new activity, my instinct was to say no. I was happy staying in my apartment and watching T.V or playing video games. Which, like many, was an adequate way to spend my free time. I was content, but I wasn’t happy. At the time, I didn’t really even know what made me happy. Believe it or not I was inspired by a movie called “Yes Man” starring Jim Carry. Premised on the idea that no matter what activity is suggested you have to say YES to it. This has great real life application. If you watch the movie he certainly takes it to far and pays for it. In your life, I suggest starting off using it as a tool to make sure you get out of the house. Especially every time someone suggests something social. It starts with drinks, coffee or a baseball game and inevitably turns into learning a new skill, instrument, language, or activity. Hey, for the extreme maybe it turns into a life-changing trip! Having passions and hobbies in life is really attractive to women and is great for your confidence, self worth and overall happiness. These are three essential qualities men need to be their best self and attract the kind of women you deserve. Remember if you aren’t consistently trying new things you could be missing out on something that would make you really happy. So, try out being a Yes-Man even if it’s a one-week trial!

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